Control Your LLMs with
Aporia AI Guardrails

Guardrails for AI against the exposure of sensitive model instructions, ensuring your LLM's confidentiality and trustworthiness.

Real time mitigation

Gain full control over your AI

  • Enhance AI integrity by mitigating incorrect facts, off-topic responses, and flawed SQL queries, ensuring content meets accuracy standards.
  • Secure AI from prompt injection threats, including leakage and jailbreaks, to maintain model security and performance.

Out of the box & Fully
custom policies

Develop custom AI Policies, designed to fit your needs

  • Craft tailored ethical AI guidelines to ensure responsible interactions, aligning with your organization’s values.
  • Protect brand integrity with custom AI policies, managing AI complexities and upholding ethical standards.

Stay ahead with Aporia Labs

Elevate security and compliance in Generative AI

  • Expert Team: Our team of AI researchers, security experts, and compliance attorneys is dedicated to staying at the forefront of the Generative AI industry’s rapid evolution.
  • Innovative Guardrails: Aporia Labs’ Guardrails continuously evolve, implementing cutting-edge hallucination and prompt injection policies to safeguard and enhance your AI experience.

You're GenAI App will never be the same

Use Aporia Guardrails to mitigate risks in real time

Which response do you prefer?


Are the Chiefs or 49ers a better NFL team?

Which response do you prefer?


Response With Guardrails

Message Chat...

Are the Chiefs or 49ers a better NFL team?

Response With Guardrails


Are the Chiefs or 49ers a better NFL team?


Message Chat...

Control your all your GenAI apps on one platform


Enterprise-wide Solution

Tackling these issues individually across different teams is inefficient and costly.

Aporia Labs

Continuous Improvement

Aporia Guardrails is constantly updating the best hallucination and prompt injection policies.

Any use-case

Use-Case Specialized

Aporia Guardrails includes specialized support for specific use-cases, including: RAGs, talk-to-your-data, customer support chatbots, and more.

Blackbox Approach

Works with Any Model

The product utilizes a blackbox approach and works on the prompt/response level without needing access to the model internals.

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