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Aporia’s Free Community Edition Is Here!

Liran Hason Liran Hason
3 min read Sep 12, 2021

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    We are excited to launch the Community Edition of Aporia, giving everyone FREE access to our machine learning monitoring solution.

    From day 1 at Aporia, we’ve strived to build a model monitoring solution that provides actual value to machine learning engineers and data science teams within minutes.

    This all brings me to some news that I’m thrilled to announce: Aporia’s monitoring system is now officially open to the public with a Community edition – free and open for everyone to use and start building customized monitoring for their machine learning models in production.

    Why We Made Aporia Open to the Public

    I’m the kind of person who likes experiencing products by trying them first hand. I want to test out functionality, understand how it works, and see if it’s intuitive enough to make my life easier. I want to be able to play with the product without the need to fill out long lead gen forms that only lead to a sales call. I don’t want to give away my phone number. And thanks for offering, but I don’t need an ebook.

    Sometimes, when I’m really into something, I might be tempted to fill in my information and submit a form. Somewhere deep inside, I’m hoping that the signup page will reveal itself or that I’ll at least receive an email with an account to start testing out the product. But usually it ends up with “Thanks! A sales rep will contact you soon.”

    This is the time I start watching out for a call from an unfamiliar number.

    Too many times I get propelled into a painstaking sales process with an overeager sales rep who will tell me the story of their company – and maybe I’ll get 10 minutes of a demo over Zoom, followed by dozens of emails that will clog my inbox for weeks to come.

    Because We Just Want to Try

    Well, I think it’s clear by now – we all deserve better than this.

    I simply want to ensure that our users have nothing short of a fun, worthwhile and amazing experience when using Aporia. And that also includes the experience within the product:

    This is why we’ve launched a free community edition. It’s also why we’ve always prioritized ease of use, customization and extensibility so that not only can our users seamlessly access our machine learning model monitoring solution, they can make it completely their own. With our self-hosted solution, integrating new models takes less than 3 minutes and the system comes with over 50 different customizable monitors for data drift, data integrity issues and performance degradation.

    To try Aporia’s Community Edition takes less than 2 minutes by signing up with your email, Google or GitHub account. You can start with a demo model or integrate your own production models – that’s your call.

    Then, it’s all about building the right monitors for your models, visualizing production data and getting model performance alerts to Slack or email.

    Support is available via chat and email, and our documentation is open for everyone.

    We built Aporia to be used, not explained. It’s simple, clear, and transparent – what you see is exactly what you get.

    Think something is missing from our platform or documentation? Want to see more monitor types? Have an idea how to make the experience even more awesome? I want to hear it: [email protected].

    Happy Monitoring!

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