Import your inference data from S3 to Aporia

Import your inference data from S3 to Aporia - Microsoft Azure

Want to monitor your ML models without touching your serving code? We just released a cool new tool for you!

Aporia Importer is an open-source utility to import your inference data from cloud storage providers such as Amazon S3 and others into Aporia.

The tool currently supports CSV and Parquet files. 


					pip install aporia-importer[all]


Copy the following YAML config file and adjust it to your needs:

					# Data source configuration

# Specify the URL/path to your data here (either a local file or s3)
# Glob patterns are supported, but all files must be of the same format
source: s3://my-bucket/data.parquet

# Specify the format of the files in the source pattern above
# Supported formats: csv, parquet
format: parquet

# SDK configuration (these values are passed directly to the Aporia SDK)
environment: production

# Model configuration

# You can find the model_id after creating a model in the Aporia dashboard
model_id: my-model-a2f4

# Define your model version schema here
# See:
  name: v1
  type: binary
    will_buy_insurance: boolean
    Age: numeric
    Driving_License: boolean
    Region_Code: categorical
    Annual_Premium: numeric
    Vintage: numeric
    Vehicle_Damage: boolean

Now you can run:

					aporia-importer config.yaml

As mentioned above, this utility is completely open-source, so if need to join datasets, read different file formats, or pretty much anything else – you can easily customize it for your needs. 

If you have feature requests or any other suggestions, please let us know

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