Train Invaders Graphic
Train Invaders Graphic
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Meet Train Invaders: Jupyter Notebook + Space Invaders!?

Igal Leikin Igal Leikin
1 min read Oct 27, 2021

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    Recently we created MLNotify, an open-source tool that notifies data scientists the second their model finishes training via web, mobile or email notifications. When we launched MLNotify we thought about how we can make data scientists’ lives easier.
    And then we thought, easier is great, but WHY NOT JUST HAVE SOME FUN? while staying productive, of course 😉

    Introducing Train Invaders

    I’m excited to introduce Train Invaders! 👾
    Train Invaders is a space invaders game that opens inside your Jupyter notebook while you train your model, and notifies you when the training is finished.

    Coding Graphic

    How Train Invaders Works

    STEP 1: Install the game:
    !pip3 install train_invaders --upgrade
    STEP 2: Import the game in your notebook: 
    import train_invaders.start
    STEP 3: Start training your model. The game will automatically pop up when the process begins.
    STEP 4: Play the game! You’ll get notified when your training is finished.

    Interested in how I built this game? The code is available on GitHub.
    See if you can beat me. 

    Train Invaders - jupyter notebook space invaders game
    ✏️ Contribute on Github

    Have an idea to make it even more fun? Create a GitHub issue or a pull request here.

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