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Off -Topic Detection

AI exposes your company to a whole new set of risks and threats. Protect your company and preserve integrity by detecting inappropriate or off-topic discussions.

Every conversation has its boundaries. Make sure your AI doesn’t cross them.

It only takes one person to take the conversation too far, blast it on Twitter, and give your AI and brand a bad reputation. Keep all chats on-topic and relevant with Aporia.

Did Harry Potter like maths?

Response With Guardrails

Response Without Guardrails

Response With Guardrails

Response Without Guardrails

What are your no-go topics?

Every company has topics they want their users to avoid when speaking with AI.

  • Establish the topics that you want users to avoid speaking about. Write them down in the policy configuration, and activate the policy.
  • When a user tries to speak about these topics with your AI, they will be blocked from doing so and your company integrity will be preserved.

What about the topics you DO want spoken about?

In addition to stating what topics you don’t want spoken about, you can also decide what topics you DO want spoken about in the ‘Allowed topics Guardrail’.

Seamlessly integrate with AI gateway

Aporia works seamlessly with Cloudflare, IBM, Portkey, and Elastic. So if you’re using these infrastructures, integration will only take you a few minutes.

Less than 5 minutes to get started

A few minutes of configuration, for an endless level of security and reliability for your AI Agent.

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State-of-the-art accuracy:

Aporia vs Nvidia/NeMo Guardrails

Aporia outperforms Nvidia/NeMo, GPT-4o, and GPT-3.5 in both hallucination detection accuracy and latency.

Up to 300ms

guardrail latency


average precision


average recall

Enterprise-grade security standards

Designed to help enterprises of any size deploy safe and trustworthy AI apps.


Cloud or custom deployment so your data never leaves.


Battle-tested by Red Teaming to ensure highest standards are met.


Aporia is HIPAA, SOC 2, Pentest and GDPR certified.