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Aporia Labs is an elite team of AI and Cybersecurity experts that continuously research and develop new methods to detect and mitigate AI hallucinations and prompt attacks.

We Seek to Combat the Evolving Risks of AI

Our expertise spans RAG chatbots, talk-to-your-database capabilities, and specialized LLMs, as we develop innovative defenses against AI hallucinations and prompt attacks. Through Guardrails research, we ensure these advanced AI apps are secure, trustworthy, and resilient against emerging threats.

Hallucination Mitigation

Enabling enterprises to ship GenAI apps with continuously updated Guardrails.


Fortifying your brand’s most guarded GenAI secret.

User & Company Privacy

Blocking PII data leakage, ensuring your AI app can be trusted with sensitive information and user privacy.

Agile & Enterprise Ready

Guardrails are designed to evolve with your GenAI and the new threats it faces when interacting with the real world.

Exploring AI's frontiers, we tackle hallucinations and AI security vulnerabilities, driving next-gen technology towards unprecedented alignment, reliability and safety."

Alon Gubkin, CTO and Head of Aporia Labs

Gain control over your GenAI apps

with Aporia guardrails


Enterprise-wide Solution

Tackling these issues individually across different teams is inefficient and costly.

Aporia Labs

Continuous Improvement

Aporia Guardrails is constantly updating with the best hallucination and prompt injection policies.

specific use-cases

Use-Case Specialized

Aporia Guardrails includes specialized support for specific use-cases, including:

blackbox approach

Works with Any Model

The product utilizes a blackbox approach and works on the prompt/response level without needing access to the model internals.

want to control the magic ?

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