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Aporia Labs

Aporia Labs is an elite team of AI and Cybersecurity experts that continuously develop new methods to make AI secure and reliable.

We seek to combat the evolving risks of AI

Our expertise spans RAG chatbots, talk-to-your-database capabilities, and specialized LLMs, as we develop innovative defenses to secure and increase reliability and performance of any AI app. Thorough research and advanced testing has helped bring AI Engineers, Product Managers and ML Engineers in Fortune 500 companies full transparency and security to all of their AI apps and ML tools.

"Exploring AI's frontiers, we tackle hallucinations and AI security vulnerabilities, driving next-gen technology towards unprecedented alignment, reliability and safety."

Alon Gubkin, CTO and Head of Aporia Labs

MultiSLM detection

Created by Aporia Labs brings low-latency, high accuracy for all our Guardrail policies

Guardrails for

Aimed at providing the highest level of security to safeguard your app end-to-end.

Guardrails for

Focused on making your app more reliable by mitigating hallucinations, profane prompts and more.

Agile & Enterprise Ready

Guardrails are designed to evolve with your GenAI and the new threats it faces when interacting with the real world.

Aporia supports your compliance with the EU AI Act

Designed to help enterprises of any size deploy safe and trustworthy AI apps.


Cloud or custom deployment so your data never leaves.


Battle-tested by Red Teaming to ensure highest standards are met.


Aporia is HIPAA, SOC 2, Pentest and GDPR certified.

Less than 5 minutes to get started

A few minutes of configuration, for an endless level of security and reliability for your AI Agent.

Fits right in your workflow

Aporia's Guardrails work seamlessly alongside your other systems and applications.

Application layer


Vector DB

Vector DB


Language processor

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