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The easiest way to monitor
ML models
in production

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Prediction Drift
Data Drift
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Get early detection & alerts for concept drift, data integrity and production issues. 

How to monitor model performance in production

Integrate Aporia

Define Monitors

Get Alerts Instantly

Install Aporia

Integrate Aporia

Customize Monitors

Get Alerts Instantly

Clear visibility to production ML

See a live view of all your models in one place. Keep an eye on model activity, inference trends, data behavior, actual model performance (F1, Precision, RMSE, etc.) and more.

Monitoring that's
almost as smart as you

Quickly define monitors for drifting features and predictions, detect missing values, identify unexpected bias and define custom performance metrics in minutes. Live alerts are sent the second an issue arises to enable further investigation and root cause analysis.

Get to the root cause

Deep dive into your production models with quick and easy access to production data. Use Aporia’s advanced investigation toolbox like distribution comparison, data statistics and segment analysis to slice and dice your data.

Keep your models performing at their best

Detect drift, bias & integrity issues

Use built-in monitors and instant alerts to identify bias, drifting features, and underperformance.

Runs in your

Choose from managed on-prem, in your cloud or Aporia cloud deployment.

Real-time monitoring

Track model activity, inference trends, data behavior, and actual model performance in one place.

Aporia helps you build a comprehensive monitoring system, with no additional overhead. 
We take care of: DevOps, handling large scale data, real-time support, maintenance, with zero latency.

The model monitoring system for your whole team

Data Scientists

You know what should be monitored in your model better than anyone. Easily configure and customize monitors in minutes to match your models and use cases.

ML Engineers

Maintain full control over your production ML. Build a user-friendly monitoring system that detects concept drift, data integrity and performance issues.

Head of Data Science

Ensure models in production stay accurate and effective with a monitoring system that gives your team visibility over your production ML.


With Aporia’s on-VPC deployment, your team can quickly monitor all ML models in production – with minimal resources & no technical debt.

Aporia is a self-serve platform that’s free to use and open for everyone.

There are no sales calls or demos – unless you really want one.

Seamless integration with your ML stack

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