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Aporia is not an ML Platform, nor is it an MLOps platform.
Aporia is an advanced ML Monitoring platform that is 100% dedicated to continuously tracking and ensuring the integrity of ML models as they run in production. Regardless of whether you have an ML platform, an MLOps platform, or both, having a proper monitoring system that is tailor-made for your models is crucial and an essential part of the MLOps stack.

Aporia was specially designed and built for Data Science and ML Engineering teams.

With Aporia, ML Engineering teams can easily gain visibility into production models and get a clear understanding of their current posture. With minimalโ€”if any--devops effort, Aporia allows your data scientists to create customized monitoring logic for each model, so they can keep them running at top performance.

Every model is different and requires a different set of monitors with different configurations. With Aporia, Data Science teams can track, monitor and enforce any logic and expected model behavior as it serves users in production. Aporia comes with a wide range of flexible and customizable monitors such as data drift, missing values, and many others.

Initial Aporia setup can be done within about 8 minutes for cloud deployment and about 15 minutes for on-prem deployment.

New models can be added in under 3 minutes per model.

Aporia follows all best practices for securing data: all traffic is encrypted over TLS
and all communication to Aporia is via HTTPS.
For sensitive data, clients can choose to deploy Aporia on their own Cloud (AWS / GCP / Azure / etc.). Deployment is easy and this option ensures that no data ever leaves your premises.

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