Profanity Prevention for
Respectful GenAI Interactions

Filter NSFW language to keep user interactions tasteful and professional.

Words carry impact, don’t be the one
to ruin the conversation

A single offensive word can shift a constructive interaction to a negative space, risking user alienation and brand damage. Profanity Prevention is a sentinel, ensuring all your AI’s interactions are clean and reflect your brand’s values.

Build integrity into your GenAI

Profanity filtering out-of-the-box

  • Ensure a respectful user experience with a professional and clean interaction environment.
  • Minimize manual oversight while confidently maintaining communication standards.

Prevent profanity

Control the conversation

  • Define the language your ok with, and where you draw the line.
  • Profanity Prevention policy continuously adapt to new prompt-leakage attack methods with an evolving defense strategy.
  • Maintain a high standard of interactions, preventing erosion of user trust and brand image.

How does it work?

A real world example of Profanity Prevention

Which response do you prefer?


Are the Chiefs or 49ers a better NFL team?

Which response do you prefer?


Response With Guardrails

Message Chat...

Are the Chiefs or 49ers a better NFL team?

Response With Guardrails


Are the Chiefs or 49ers a better NFL team?


Message Chat...

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Enterprise-wide Solution

Tackling these issues individually across different teams is inefficient and costly.

Aporia Labs

Continuous Improvement

Aporia Guardrails is constantly updating with the best hallucination and prompt injection policies.

specific use-cases

Use-Case Specialized

Aporia Guardrails includes specialized support for specific use-cases, including:

blackbox approach

Works with Any Model

The product utilizes a blackbox approach and works on the prompt/response level without needing access to the model internals.

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