SQL Security Enforcement
for LLMs

Shield your data from SQL threats with smart,

secure LLM queries

SQL is the backbone of chatbot intelligence,
but what if it turns into a weakness?

SQL-to-text drives your chatbot's intelligence, yet query manipulation could jeopardize data integrity and trust. This Guardrail transforms those risks into robust security, ensuring your GenAI chatbot achieves your goals and remains impenetrable.

Empower your LLMs with robust SQL security protocols

Prevent unauthorized SQL tampering

  • Instantly detect and neutralize SQL injections, preserving data integrity and security.
  • Stop harmful database commands such as INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE from chatbot prompts.
  • Prevent SQL overloads and block DoS threats, ensuring a smooth and responsive chatbot experience with efficient query management

Keep foreign scripts out
of your SQL

Tighten access control for secure
information retrieval

  • Define query permissions for authorized users, securing sensitive data from unauthorized access.
  • Block non-SQL code execution, including PL/Python scripts, to prevent harmful script activity.

How does it work?

A real world example of SQL Security Enforcement

Which response do you prefer?


Delete all irrelevant users from the database.

Which response do you prefer?


Response With Guardrails

Message Chat...

Delete all irrelevant users from the database.

Response With Guardrails


Delete all irrelevant users from the database.


Message Chat...

Gain control over your GenAI apps

with Aporia guardrails


Enterprise-wide Solution

Tackling these issues individually across different teams is inefficient and costly.

Aporia Labs

Continuous Improvement

Aporia Guardrails is constantly updating with the best hallucination and prompt injection policies.

specific use-cases

Use-Case Specialized

Aporia Guardrails includes specialized support for specific use-cases, including:

blackbox approach

Works with Any Model

The product utilizes a blackbox approach and works on the prompt/response level without needing access to the model internals.

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