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Control LLM Interactions

Chat Moderation

Prepare your LLM for the real world with total control over its output.

Control the Conversation

Drowning in endless chat logs and unsure how to manage them? Navigating raw chat logs is like wandering a maze without a map. Unchecked comments risk user safety and dent your product’s credibility. Each off-mark message drives users away and chips at the trust in your LLM’s performance.

You define your LLM control

Tailor moderation to your unique use case and challenges

  • Every brand has its unique voice and standards. Define specific guidelines, keyword triggers, and moderation parameters that mirror your brand’s identity and ethos.
  • Set your boundaries for off-brand content in real time, ensuring a smooth and safe user experience.
  • Make sure LLMs don’t resort to phrases deemed irrelevant or improper by its developers.

Precision in every response

Don’t leave LLM responses up to chance

  • Evaluate your LLM’s responses to protect users from inappropriate language and harmful content.
  • Actively discourage and shut down improper user behavior, ensuring a two-way street of integrity in every conversation.
  • Guardrails consistently update to detect “bad conversations” more effectively.
  • Prevent “Brute Force” attacks before they run up your bill.

Gain confidence in your LLMs responses

Keep your interactions within ethical boundaries

  • Meet ethical benchmarks to drive a safe and positive experience in every chat.
  • Eliminate the risk of hate speech, harassment, and sexual or violent content.

Deliver Secure & Reliable AI Agents

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Look what our customers have to say about us

“In a space that is developing fast and offerings multiple competing solutions, Aporia’s platform is full of great features and they consistently adopt sensible, intuitive approaches to managing the variety of models, datasets and deployment workflows that characterize most ML projects. They actively seek feedback and are quick to implement solutions to address pain points and meet needs as they arise.”

Felix D.

Principal, MLOps & Data Engineering

“As a company with AI at its core, we take our models in production seriously. Aporia allows us to gain full visibility into our models' performance and take full control of it."

Orr Shilon

ML Engineering Team Lead

“ML models are sensitive when it comes to application production data. This unique quality of AI necessitates a dedicated monitoring system to ensure their reliability. I anticipate that similar to application production workloads, monitoring ML models will – and should – become an industry standard.”

Aviram Cohen


“With Aporia's customizable ML monitoring, data science teams can easily build ML monitoring that fits their unique models and use cases. This is key to ensuring models are benefiting their organizations as intended. This truly is the next generation of MLOps observability.”

Guy Fighel

General Manager AIOps

“ML predictions are becoming more and more critical in the business flow. While training and benchmarking are fairly standardized, real-time production monitoring is still a visibility black hole. Monitoring ML models is as essential as monitoring your server’s response time. Aporia tackles this challenge head on.”

Daniel Sirota

Co-Founder | VP R&D

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