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Community Plan


  • Up to 3 Team members
  • 1 Monitored model
  • Up to 10,000 predictions per month
  • 1 week data retention
  • Up to 100 features per model
  • Aporia Cloud deployment
  • Investigation toolbox
  • Slack & email alerts
  • Email support
Professional Plan

Custom Pricing
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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! You can sign up to Aporia’s free community plan to start playing around with our system for free.
Build custom monitors for your models, get live alerts, and explore at your own pace!

Yes! You can easily start with our free plan and then upgrade to a plan customized to your growing monitoring needs.

Aporia was built to give data science, ML engineering and ML platform teams real-time observability and investigation tools for their models in production. With Aporia’s monitor builder, data scientists and ML engineers can get early detection and live alerts for issues like concept and data drift, unexpected bias, data integrity issues, and model performance degradation, and investigate further to keep their models performing as intended.

You can easily get started in seconds. Simply sign up with our free community plan and begin creating customized monitors for your models in production.

For sensitive data, Aporia clients can choose self-hosted deployment or managed self-hosted deployment (AWS/GCP/Azure…). Full self-hosted deployment takes less than one hour and ensures that no data ever leaves your premises.

Aporia is a customizable self-serve ML model monitoring platform that is 100% dedicated to continuously tracking and ensuring the integrity of ML models as they run in production. Regardless of whether you have an ML platform, an MLOps platform, or both, having a comprehensive model monitoring system that is customized to your models and use cases is crucial and an essential part of your MLOps stack.

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