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Aporia centralizes all of your ML models. Monitor performance, explain predictions, and gain insights to maximize business impact.

Clear Visibility to Production ML

See a live view of all your models under one hub. Keep an eye on model activity, inference trends, data behavior, model performance (F1, Precision, RMSE, etc).

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Monitor Drift, Bias & Data Integrity Issues

Want to ensure your ML model is not making biased predictions against Gotham City residents between the age of 25 to 40?

Zoom into specific data segments to track model behavior. Identify unexpected biases, under performance, drifting features and data integrity issues.

With Aporia's live alerts, get your own personal Alfred to inform you when issues surface in production.

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Customize User Defined Functions

Create custom logic to process and analyze production data in tailored ways that align with your specific business metrics. Utilize custom metrics to gain unparalleled visibility into your model performance, enabling you to effectively troubleshoot and optimize your production models for improved ML and business outcomes.

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Quick & easy integration with Direct Data Connectors

Start monitoring all your production data in less than 7 minutes and create a single source of truth to guarantee your production data is reliable.

Tap into the power of ML observability directly from your data source. With DDC, your data science & ML teams maintain full visibility over production models, while also ensuring the privacy and security of your data.

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