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Prompt engineering for AI Agents: The fine balance between optimizing & overloading

Gadi Bessudo Gadi Bessudo Solutions Engineer
June 20, 2024 2 PM (EST)

Stuck in the endless cycle of prompt engineering? Struggling to balance prompt guidelines and simplicity?

You’re not alone—many developers face this challenge daily. Attend our webinar, hosted by Lead Solution Architect, Gadi Bessudo, and gain the skills you need to improve your system prompts effectively. Get ready to deep dive into the following:

  • Explore prompt engineering techniques that work
  • Pitfalls of prompt engineering
  • How to find the golden balance between optimizing your prompt, vs overloading
  • Tricks and tips to keep your app’s accuracy at its peak

Join other like-minded developers on June 20th and get ready to see how to balance and optimize your prompt engineering skills.

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