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ML Monitoring
for your Models
in Production

Proactive monitoring ensures your production models maintain high performance and reliability. Quickly detect drift, bias, performance degradation, and other production issues before they impact your business.

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Detect Drifts,
Bias and
Integrity Issues

Want to ensure your model is not making biased predictions against Gotham City residents between the age of 25 to 40?

Zoom into specific data segments to track model behavior. Identify unexpected bias, underperformance, drifting features and integrity issues.

Aporia also offers important data segments automatically – not necessarily where Batman lives

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Monitoring That’s 

Almost as Smart
as You

Create monitors for your ML models in production with our magically simple monitor builder and get alerts instantly for issues like concept drift, performance degradation and more.

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Naturally Fits in Your Workflow

Using MLFlow or Weighis & Baiases for experiment tracking? Want to get alerts on Slack or Microsoft Teams? Already have an existing infra monitoring solution like Prometheus & Grafana? No problem.

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Sync your experiment IDs to Aporia to monitor and investigate different versions of your models.

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Send alerts directly to a Slack channel.

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Microsoft Teams

Send alerts directly to your Microsoft Teams channels.

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Automatically create JIRA tickets from Aporia.

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New Relic

Send alerts and metrics to New Relic, and correlate your ML alerts with engineering incidents.

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Create a live dashboard in Grafana for your ML models.

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Visualize ML-related metrics from Aporia using Prometheus & Grafana.

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Create customizable monitoring for your models running on Sagemaker using Aporia.

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Start Monitoring Your Models in Minutes