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Aporia for Data Scientists

Monitor every model and any use case with Aporia’s customizable observability tools to get the most out of your production ML.

Quickly detect drift, bias, and degradation before impacting model performance. Explain predictions and gain deep model visibility. Turn insights into actions with advanced Root Cause Analysis and see your models shine in production.

Trusted by leading ML practitioners
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Visualize Predictions
and Features in

Easily analyze model performance and gain valuable insights from your production data with single pane of glass visibility. Identify areas for improvement by tracking key metrics, like precision, f1 score, recall, and AUC.

Ensure your KPIs meet the business goals and better facilitate collaboration when alerts sound off in production.

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Aporia Data Aporia Data
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Investigate Your

Effectively diagnose the underlying causes of performance issues or errors in production. Gain valuable insights into where and when the issues originated and effortlessly expedite retraining.

Simulate ‘what if?’ scenarios to measure feature impact and explain predictions to business leaders, partners, and customers with XAI.

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Real-time Model

Stay vigilant of the model’s behavior in production to gain insight into the effects of changes to the model or its data inputs.

Quickly detect concept and data drift, monitor for performance degradation and data integrity issues, and ensure unexpected bias doesn’t impact model predictions. Guarantee your models are producing reliable and accurate predictions in real-world scenarios.

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Aporia Demand Forecasting Aporia Demand Forecasting
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