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Aporia & AWS Join Forces to Bring Model Monitoring to the Marketplace

Aporia + AWS
Reah Miyara Reah Miyara 3 min read Apr 17, 2023

We are excited to announce that Aporia is now available on the AWS Marketplace. Through this strategic partnership, it’s now easier than ever before for you to leverage advanced ML observability to improve and scale production ML. AWS customers can easily access Aporia’s platform and use their AWS credits to get reliable and effective ML observability.

AWS customers can easily access and deploy Aporia straight from the AWS Marketplace to gain: 

  • Live alerts and real-time model monitoring to detect drift, bias, performance and data integrity issues.
  • A centralized model management hub to view the health of all your production models.
  • Business/ML dashboards to track performance and translate insights into actions 
  • Explainability to understand feature impact, simulate ‘what if’ scenarios, and communicate predictions to business stakeholders and customers.
  • Root cause analysis to slice and dice data segments, find the origin of any production issues, and gain insights to improve model performance.

Seamless Integration with Sagemaker

The Aporia platform is designed to work hand in hand with Amazon Sagemaker, making it easy for you to monitor your models in real time. The platform integrates seamlessly with Sagemaker to provide you with an end-to-end ML platform – from training, testing, and serving on Sagemaker to tracking model performance, detecting drift and degradation, and turning model insights into actions with Aporia.

Aporia’s platform is also compatible with models built on Kubernetes or other ML platforms within your AWS environment.

Connect Directly to S3, Redshift, Athena, and Glue

Aporia connects directly with additional AWS services, such as different data sources: Amazon S3, Redshift, Athena, and Glue. This allows you to monitor and analyze all of your production data with ease while maintaining a centralized data storage solution and ensuring the highest data security standards.

Aporia connects directly to AWS-supported data sources, including Redshift, S3, Athena, and Glue.

Quick Deployment

Deploying Aporia to your AWS account is designed to be quick and painless. In less than 7 minutes, you can start monitoring all your production data at once without any data duplication, thus minimizing cloud costs and reducing the need for manual intervention. Detect drift, bias, and performance and data integrity issues out-of-the-box or tailor monitors and dashboards to fit your needs, use cases, and model types.

Final Words

The AWS Marketplace is a significant milestone for us, as it allows us to bring advanced ML monitoring and deep model visibility to a broader audience. Don’t hesitate to explore the benefits of Aporia on AWS. Visit our AWS Marketplace listing here.

Not on AWS, no problem:

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