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Introducing Aporia’s new EU region for enhanced ML observability

Introducing Aporia's new EU region for enhanced ML observability
Maor Michael Maor Michael
2 min read Jul 27, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the availability of our new EU region. Hosted in Germany, this region complies with the highest international standards for security and privacy. With this development, we are now equipped to meet the data residency requirements of our customers in Europe, who rely on our ML observability platform to enable Responsible AI and ensure high model performance.

“As we continue to navigate the evolving landscapes of security, privacy, and regulatory compliance, we recognize the importance of global support for our customers. With the launch of our new EU region, we are offering customers the choice to retain their monitoring, AI analytics, and inference data within Europe.”

Liran Hason, CEO & Co-Founder, Aporia

Alongside our new EU region, we remain compliant with all data protection laws and regulations applicable to our ML observability service, including GDPR, and additional regulatory standards – SOC II, and HIPAA. Moreover, our EU region launches with full support for all our existing partners. This ensures that ML engineering teams can maintain the high level of ML monitoring and visibility that has become synonymous with Aporia.

The Aporia ML Observability platform enables customers to ensure high model performance by monitoring for drift, model degradation, bias, and data integrity issues at scale. Thanks to our Direct Data Connectors (DDC) technology, we connect directly to training and inference datasets, eliminating the need for data duplication, data sampling, or changes to production code. Thus, ensuring your sensitive data never leaves your environment, reducing potential security risks and data lock-in. 

As we grow our commitment to providing a global and flexible ML observability solution, we are eager to see how this expansion helps our customers meet their data residency requirements while getting the best performance from their production ML models. 

Keep an eye out for more updates from us, or reach out to learn more.

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