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Aporia and Snowflake pave the way for data science excellence

Aporia + Snowflake
Reah Miyara Reah Miyara
4 min read Sep 14, 2023

Today marks an extraordinary milestone in the journey of leveraging data science for transformative insights! We’re beyond thrilled to announce the groundbreaking partnership between Aporia, the leading Observability platform for AI products, and Snowflake, the Data Cloud company. This alliance is here to redefine how you perceive, manage, and extract value from your data and ML pipelines, all while fostering responsible AI adoption.

Changing the data and ML landscape

In a world driven by data, Snowflake and Aporia’s partnership stands out, guiding businesses and developers toward safer and more effective AI use. This collaboration offers users in various industries not only improved operations but also a canvas to carve out data narratives that are both insightful and impactful. By combining the Data Cloud capabilities with ML observability, we are paving the way for a landscape where every query initiates a journey of innovation, and every model prediction signals a step toward a smarter, data-driven future

Enhance your Snowflake environment with observability

Our end-to-end solution allows you to automate data pipelines, monitor, visualize, and enhance the performance of your ML models in production directly in your secure Snowflake environment, ensuring your sensitive data stays yours, never leaving your cloud. 

Let’s explore the wonders this collaboration between Aporia and Snowflake brings to your fingertips:

Why choose Aporia and Snowflake?

This partnership decisively addresses three major challenges that have often stumped ML practitioners:

  • Navigating the MLOps domain is challenging due to the lack of comprehensive ML lifecycle solutions.
  • As data volumes surge, many systems struggle with modern ML workloads, impeding scalability.
  • Prioritizing data security is crucial; sensitive information must stay within its native environment to prevent lock-ins.

Deploying Aporia over your Snowflake setup provides a seamless and secure ML lifecycle management experience, allowing you to automate data pipelines, shift focus to enhancing model performance, and generate more value from your production data. Additionally, you create a pipeline of reliability, centralizing ML activity and ensuring a single source of truth of data integrity.

Empowering model performance from data to insights

Aporia’s native integration leverages Snowflake’s Snowpark capabilities for efficient non-SQL code deployment and processing, allowing users to monitor, control, and collaboratively investigate production alerts. Aporia’s Direct Data Connectors offer a privacy-first approach ensuring data security within the Snowflake platform, enabling you to monitor billions, even trillions, of predictions at once, without employing risky data sampling techniques.

Additionally, Aporia supports all ML use cases and model types, including tabular, NLP, LLM, and Computer Vision, enabling you to tailor the Aporia experience to your unique needs, alongside out-of-the-box monitoring and analytics. 

Kickstarting your journey with Aporia and Snowflake

Integrating Aporia on Snowflake takes only a few minutes, and can be accomplished in 3 simple steps: 

  • Connect Aporia to the Data Cloud by using the provided Snowflake Data Connector (SDC). 
  • Merge your training and inference datasets with Aporia to ensure a quick setup.
  • Outline the schema for your model, detailing critical elements such as features, predictions, raw inputs, and actuals.

Once you’ve completed the setup, we centralize all your models under a single hub and stand by to monitor your ML models on Snowflake, offering deep visibility into model activity, advanced drift, bias, and degradation detection, and actionable insights into model performance. This agility enables you to quickly identify, triage and troubleshoot production alerts, and proactively refine models based on live production feedback.

Learn more about Aporia’s native integration with Snowflake here

A glimpse into the Aporia-Snowflake symphony

At the heart of this partnership lies the seamless integration of Aporia’s observability platform with Snowflake, paving the way for users to monitor data and enhance the performance of production ML models at scale. 

This collaboration is geared to enable organizations to embrace and champion responsible AI, magnifying its potential through unparalleled insights, elevated performance, and robust model monitoring capabilities. By incorporating our comprehensive observability platform into Snowflake’s sturdy and scalable Data Cloud infrastructure, we aim to foster a data-driven culture that propels AI and data-focused organizations to set new standards of performance and overall business impact. Together, Aporia and Snowflake are setting a new benchmark in advancing data science, promoting efficiency, and fostering trust in data-driven AI products.

Are you a Snowflake customer? Want to find out more about completing your ML pipeline with Aporia and Snowflake? Feel free to reach out with any questions, or jump right into the observability platform and try it out yourself

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