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Aporia Launches the First Ever Guardrails System for Audio, Vision and Text AI

Sabrina Shoshani Sabrina Shoshani
2 min read May 29, 2024

In the fast-evolving world of AI, and the latest launch of GPT-4o, businesses are becoming more and more likely to adopt AI to support both their consumers and the business itself. But what is often overlooked is the risks that these apps hold. Such as providing false responses, compliance issues, privacy concerns, and more.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with any LLM, Aporia Guardrails is setting the new standard for AI safety amongst businesses. By mitigating hallucinations and incorrect behavior in real-time, businesses can ensure the apps they are shipping are reliable, secure, and consistently monitored. Integrating Aporia Guardrails takes only a few minutes and supports all formats of audio, text, and vision, so that both businesses and consumers can enjoy safe and reliable AI.

Aporia AI Guardrails

‘As we have already seen, AI makes mistakes. Aporia Guardrails is the first system of its kind, allowing businesses using audio, text, or visual AI to use it responsibly and ensure the safety of both the business and its users.’

Liran Hason, Co-Founder and CEO of Aporia explains
Shoe shopping
Recipe recommendations
Overcoming anxiety
Bank IT support

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