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Mitigating AI risks: Aporia Labs’ promise

Aporia Team Aporia Team
2 min read Mar 07, 2024

With all the greatness that AI promises, it remains vulnerable to several risks, including AI hallucinations, prompt attacks, and data leakage. These threats impede the adoption of generative AI applications and prevent organizations from capitalizing on the potential of these advancements. 

Witnessing the struggle of organizations to control their AI and safeguard their users prompted us to take action. We created AI Guardrails to ensure that your new generative AI applications are trustworthy, safe, and aligned with your business needs.

To achieve this, we formed Aporia Labs—a team of dedicated AI and cybersecurity experts—committed to continuously researching and developing targeted techniques to mitigate AI hallucinations and other AI risks effectively and promptly. Whether your application involves Sequence-to-Sequence Language Models (SLMs) or Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAGs), Aporia Labs customizes strategies to address risks tailored to your specific requirements.

Our approach is proactive. Aporia Labs identifies new risks and preemptively addresses them before impacting your users or damaging your brand’s reputation. Such precision enhances AI applications across various industries and reflects our unwavering commitment to AI safety and reliability.

In a domain where trust is key, AI Guardrails reflect our understanding of AI’s complexities and our dedication to navigating its challenges.

Through Aporia Labs’ innovations, we’re not just safeguarding AI performance—we’re setting the standard for its secure application, ensuring our customers are always prepared with the most advanced protection. 

Want to learn more about the work Aporia Labs does?
See which Guardrails meet your needs:
Hallucination mitigation
Off-topic detection
Profanity prevention
Company policy enforcement
Prompt injection prevention
Prompt leakage prevention
Data leakage prevention
SQL security enforcement
LLM cost tracking

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