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World Economic Forum honors Aporia for enabling Responsible AI

Aporia + World Economic Forum
Aporia Team Aporia Team
2 min read Jul 19, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that we have been selected as one of the World Economic Forum’s “Technology Pioneers” for 2023. This prestigious recognition affirms our position as a leader in responsible and ethical AI.

As many of you know, Aporia was founded with the mission of bringing responsibility, agility, and observability to AI products. Our platform enables organizations to monitor and manage their AI products in production, detect issues early and respond to them swiftly, and make informed improvements to AI performance.

With AI products now being deployed across industries, there is a greater need to ensure these systems are trustworthy, fair, and operating as intended over time. Our work at Aporia aims to promote responsible AI by giving teams the tools they need to monitor and maintain reliable, accurate models.

Joining Tech Pioneers of the past: Spotify, Google, & Twitter

Being selected as a Technology Pioneer validates that we are making a meaningful impact in AI observability and responsibility. Aporia joins an esteemed group of alumni inductees like Airbnb, Google, Kickstarter, Palantir, Spotify, Twitter, Wikimedia Foundation, and many more visionaries.

We are honored to have the opportunity to engage with World Economic Forum members and develop solutions for pressing technological issues. Aporia has ambitious plans for the future, and this energizes us to push boundaries even further.

Most importantly, thank you to our wonderful team, customers, partners, and investors who made this possible. We couldn’t have come this far without your commitment to our vision. Together, we are pioneering the future of responsible AI.

Reach out to us to learn more about Responsible AI.

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