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Aporia Raises $25 Million to Power Full-Stack ML Observability

Aporia Full-Stack ML Observability
Liran Hason Liran Hason
5 min read Feb 22, 2022

We are thrilled to announce we raised a $25 million Series A funding round, led by Tiger Global to empower businesses to trust AI and use it responsibly.

Today it is my privilege to share that Aporia is one enormous step closer to achieving our mission. Our Series A funding of $25 million will enable us to continue expanding our efforts in empowering businesses to trust their machine learning with the power of full-stack ML observability.

The round was led by Tiger Global Management with the participation of Samsung Next, Tal Capital, and our existing investors Vertex Ventures and TLV Partners.

AI is Mainstream. Now It’s Time to Use It Responsibly.

AI is everywhere. It’s been adopted into nearly every function in organizations around the world. From marketing and sales, to product and support, and development, companies are using machine learning models to predict churn, increase customer engagement, assess credit risk, forecast demand, and so much more. AI is here to stay, to make businesses more successful, and to make our lives easier and better. 

When our models are working as intended, as they did in training, we all reap the rewards. Just like any software, AI has issues and it fails sometimes. However, when ML models fail in production, they fail silently. We’ve seen it happen time and time again, often leading to significant consequences: poor customer experiences, loss of revenue, brand damage… to name a few. 

Customized Monitoring is Key

The need for a solution that seamlessly implements safeguards on our ML models is ever growing. Businesses that have embraced AI and are enjoying the benefits are eager to put these safeguards in place to ensure they use their machine learning responsibly. To meet this need, customization is key. 

Reliable ML monitoring requires leveraging the data scientist’s domain expertise in order to build a tailor-made observability solution that ensures the safety and accuracy of their unique and complex ML models. Building that solution is a complex task that is both expensive and time-consuming, resulting in a large technical debt.

Customization has always been at the core of Aporia’s ML observability solution, for the simple reason that every model is unique. Even when organizations have the same use case for their model, such as credit risk, the data used to train the model and the model itself is tailor-made to fit the needs of the organization. This customization shouldn’t end once a model is deployed – it must continue throughout the entire lifecycle of the model to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Powering Full-Stack ML Observability

Our goal is to make sure that all businesses that employ ML models, have the tools they need to ensure they’re using AI ethically, and with confidence. I’m proud to say that our customers, from startups to large enterprises and everything in between, are seeing incredible results – finding and resolving issues in a timely manner as well as mining insights for future model training.

With Aporia, data science and ML teams gain full visibility of how their models are performing in production and control over their models at all times. By enabling them to create customized monitoring tailored to their specific models and use cases, they can quickly detect data drift, bias, data integrity issues, and performance degradation. In just a few steps, data scientists can get to the root cause of any issue, or build automatic workflows that improve their models in production. Additionally, they can explain the why behind their models’ predictions with explainability. 

Aporia and Tiger Global

With our latest round of investment from Tiger Global, we know we’ve found the perfect partner to help us continue shaping the future of AI and machine learning. Tiger Global has a history of backing game-changing companies, such as Databricks, Dataiku, Uber, Airbnb, and Stripe, who revolutionize and redefine their respective markets. 

Tiger Global partnered with Aporia as they understand the impact of AI on our everyday lives and the importance of enabling companies to leverage AI in a way that is both effective and ethical. 

“Aporia has demonstrated unbelievable growth since its launch and has amazing momentum, quickly becoming a leader in the space of ML observability,” said John Curtius, Partner at Tiger Global. “Executives at global enterprises understand the benefits of artificial intelligence and how it’s impacting virtually every industry but the risks keep them awake at night. Aporia is positioned to be the solution every organization turns to for ensuring their responsible use of AI.”

Help Us Shape the Future of AI

Aporia has an enormous opportunity to skyrocket and lead the ML Observability market. We are hiring more ML innovators, and expanding our presence across the globe.

I’m grateful for the support from our users and customers, partners, initial investors, Vertex Ventures and TLV Partners, and most importantly our amazing team, who have built a truly unique and impactful ML observability platform and experience. 

I welcome you to learn more about Aporia, test drive our solution and explore our careers.

Happy Monitoring!

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