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ML Observability Project Success Criteria

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Models Integration

Framework and Platform Agnostic

Monitoring system can support all of the existing ML platforms and frameworks used by the team.

Integration with existing database

The solution is able to integrate with existing databases and datalakes that store production data (e.g. S3, ADLS, etc..).

Integration with Python-based serving

The solution can integrate with python-based serving infrastructure.

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Visibility & Investigation

Model Management

There’s a centralized place where users can see all production models with their health status and recent activity.

Compare 2 versions

View the performance over time of 2 different model versions in comparison mode to quickly identify the best performing one.

Performance over time

When ground truth is available, view performance metric (accuracy, f1, etc.) and how they change over time.

Proxy Performance Metrics

In cases where ground truth is not available, view average prediction and other aggregations like mean/sum/std dev on predictions over time to evaluate model performance.

Distribution investigation & comparison

Live distribution analysis of production data & predictions.

For investigation purposes, allow distribution comparison of:

* Different model versions

* Different time frames

* Different data segments

Metrics over time analysis

The platform provides tooling to visualize various metrics and the way the change over time to identify correlations.

Data statistics

View and compare live data & prediction statistics including the following info for each feature: Numeric – Feature name, Mean, Std Dev, Zeros, Min, Median, Max Categorical – Missing, Unique, Top, Freq. Top

Segments analysis

Define segments of interest (e.g. state = “CA” and age >30) and provide tools to analyze prediction distribution and performance across different segments.

Segments group analysis

Slice the data by segment groups i.e. segment by Age groups will result in: age<10, 10<age<20, 20<age<30, etc.. For each, a segment analysis will be available with a view of group behavior for identifying misbehavior in specific segments.

Drift scoring

Get drift score for each feature and prediction for quickly identifying drifting features.

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Monitoring & Alerting

Data integrity monitoring

The solution supports creating customized monitors to detect Data Integrity issues:

* Missing Values

* Model Activity (inference count)

* New Values

* Out of range

Data drift monitoring

The solution supports creating customized monitors to detect data drift.

Prediction drift monitoring

The solution supports creating customized monitors to detect prediction drift.

Monitors Customization

As different models have different data and performance metrics, the solution will allow an easy way to customize the thresholds and monitoring logic of each monitor.

Standard metrics monitoring

The solution supports creating customized monitors to detect anomalies and sudden changes in metrics such as:

* Avg

* Min

* Max

* Variance

* Standard Deviation

Performance degradation monitoring

The solution supports customized monitors for performance degradation and comes out of the box with the standard performance metrics:

* Accuracy

* Precision

* Recall

* F1 Score





* Logloss



Custom metric monitoring

Users are able to define their own custom metrics within the platform and monitor them for anomalies and degradation.

Monitoring with training as baseline

The solution allows setting the training set as a baseline for a monitor (e.g. data drift compared to training).

Monitoring for anomalies over time

The solution allows monitoring data anomalies over time (e.g. unexpected seasonal changes in missing values)

Monitoring protected populations

The solution allows monitoring specific populations (data slice) for anomalies and unexpected behavior.

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Prediction explanation

Users can easily analyze specific prediction and see what was the contribution of each input to the final prediction.

What-if analysis

Users are able to explore what-if scenarios by changing some input features, and watching the effect on model’s prediction.

Human-readable explanation

The system is able to generate a non-technical explanation sentence for each prediction.

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E-mail alerts

Alerts can be received via e-mail.

Slack alerts

Alerts can be received via slack.

Webhook integration

System supports generic integration to 3rd party solution by triggering a webhook.

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