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The ML Observability Platform

The most advanced ML observability platform in the market

Unleash your AI today.

Think Grafana on steroids, tailored for ML

Imagine your dream observability system for production ML Aporia has it all and more.

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Know the why behind your models predictions

Explainable AI
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Centralized, real-time view of model health & performance

ML Dashboards
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Live Alerts

Detect drifts, bias and data integrity issues

ML Monitoring
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Get to the root cause and improve models with production data

Production IR

Data never leaves your stack

Integrate ML observability in minutes

Connect directly to your data lake - Redshift, S3, Athena, Databricks, Snowflake, and BigQuery - without duplicating your data..

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All your models in one place

Visualize & Share models performance

Centralize model management under a single hub for deep model visibility, and tailor dashboards to track inference trends, data behavior, and performance.

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Live alerts

Detect drift, bias & data integrity issues at scale

Customize monitoring and get live alerts to Slack / MS Teams on any drift, bias or data integrity issues.

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Production IR & Explainability

Act when drift alerts fire

Slice and dice production data to find patterns, new opportunities, visualize unstructured data, and pinpoint root cause in a collaborative, notebook experience.

Understand feature impact and the logic behind your models’ decisions with XAI. 

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Overcome your limitations Unleash your AI today

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