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Responsible AI

Enable Responsible AI with ML Observability

Use Aporia to understand your AI before it makes decisions for your customers. Monitor, track, evaluate, and manage your AI products to ensure they're transparent, compliant, and benefit both your business and users.

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Deploy AI you can trust

The Aporia Responsible AI platform enables AI governance that ensures every AI project is transparent, compliant, and aligned with business goals.

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ML Integrity

Enhance Accountability & Transparency

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Bias & Fairness

Ensure Ethical AI

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Compliance & Security

Adhere to Regulation

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ML Integrity

Enhance Accountability & Transparency

Improve your AI products by with quality data and test for adaptability. Use Explainable AI to make the AI’s decision-making process understandable.

This integrated approach of accuracy, accountability, and transparency not only strengthens your AI's performance but also boosts your brand's credibility and delivers greater value to your customers.

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Bias & Fairness

Ensure Ethical AI

Actively combat bias in AI systems by ensuring data diversity and fairness. Use representative data and evaluate fairness metrics to mitigate unfair or discriminatory decisions made by your AI.

Consistently monitor AI systems for biases and swiftly respond when fairness alerts fire. This proactive approach fortifies ethical AI standards and shields the integrity of both decision-making and brand reputation.

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Compliance & Security

Adhere to Regulation

Master regulatory compliance and ensure your AI systems align with legal standards such as GDPR and industry-specific regulations across regions.

Fortify your AI ecosystem with state-of-the-art security and privacy, creating an impervious shield against both external threats and internal vulnerabilities, while securing your data, models, and AI decisions.

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AI Compliance & Fairness

Enable responsible AI by preventing hallucinations. Through centralized management, dashboards, and swift alerting mechanisms, Aporia ensures AI systems maintain high performance, fairness, and compliance with regulations.

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Control All your GenAI Apps in minutes

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AI that just works

Slash your time to deploy models to production. Foster seamless collaboration with stakeholders and investigate production data to pinpoint the genesis of model discrepancies and performance anomalies.

Proactively drill down into your production data to unearth new opportunities, ensure your AI product is continually driving value, and uphold your Responsible AI practice with unwavering diligence

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AI Governance & Compliance

Data privacy and compliance with GDPR are crucial to the success of your organization. That’s why we take a “no data leaves your cloud” approach to our services, ensuring that your data remains securely under your control at all times.

Take a proactive approach to AI governance and ensure your organization is practicing responsible AI with Aporia. Be confident that your data is protected and that your use of AI is ethical and transparent.

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Transparent AI

Aporia demystifies your AI's predictions, bridging the gap between data scientists and stakeholders. Unravel the logic behind AI decisions, bolster collaboration, and drive responsible innovation with clear insights.

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Look what our customers have to say about us

“In a space that is developing fast and offerings multiple competing solutions, Aporia’s platform is full of great features and they consistently adopt sensible, intuitive approaches to managing the variety of models, datasets and deployment workflows that characterize most ML projects. They actively seek feedback and are quick to implement solutions to address pain points and meet needs as they arise.”

Felix D.

Principal, MLOps & Data Engineering

“As a company with AI at its core, we take our models in production seriously. Aporia allows us to gain full visibility into our models' performance and take full control of it."

Orr Shilon

ML Engineering Team Lead

“ML models are sensitive when it comes to application production data. This unique quality of AI necessitates a dedicated monitoring system to ensure their reliability. I anticipate that similar to application production workloads, monitoring ML models will – and should – become an industry standard.”

Aviram Cohen


“With Aporia's customizable ML monitoring, data science teams can easily build ML monitoring that fits their unique models and use cases. This is key to ensuring models are benefiting their organizations as intended. This truly is the next generation of MLOps observability.”

Guy Fighel

General Manager AIOps

“ML predictions are becoming more and more critical in the business flow. While training and benchmarking are fairly standardized, real-time production monitoring is still a visibility black hole. Monitoring ML models is as essential as monitoring your server’s response time. Aporia tackles this challenge head on.”

Daniel Sirota

Co-Founder | VP R&D

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