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How Do I Get the Row Count of a DataFrame?

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pandas and pyspark dataframe count rows

DataFrame is a two-dimensional data structure, which consists of labeled rows and columns. The number of rows and columns give us the shape of the DataFrame, and therefore is an indication of the data size. In this short how-to article, we will learn how to find the row count of Pandas and PySpark DataFrames.



There are two ways of getting the row count. The first one is the built-in len function of Python, which can be applied to different data structuctures. For instance, we can use the len function to find the number of items in a list. When applied to a DataFrame, it gives us the row count.



The other one is the shape method, which returns a tuple that contains both the number of rows and columns. We can get the row count by selecting the first item of the tuple returned by the shape method.




The count function gives us the row count.



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